Millwall RFC
Founded in 1995, Isle of Dogs based rugby club

Our Policies


policies & procedures

Millwall Rugby Football Club promotes the core values of Rugby Union:

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Enjoyment

  • Discipline

  • Sportsmanship

MRFC aims to be a fully inclusive and progressive club and recognises the need to implement, publish and regularly review policies and procedures covering various important areas both to comply with our legal duties and to ensure equitable treatment for all our members and visitors. Violation of Millwall Rugby Club policies may be cause for disciplinary action.

Please do not hesitate to raise any issues with the Club Chairman or the relevant member of the Club Management Committee.


The various MRFC Policies are set out within this section and may be viewed by clicking on the relevant policy. For more information on any of these policies then please contact the Club Secretary.

i.  Privacy Policy - A summary of how MRFC collects and processes personal information.

ii. Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Policy - It is the responsibility of everybody involved in MRFC to ensure it remains a safe place, free from discrimination, fear and where possible, risk. 

iii. Safeguarding Policy - MRFC will do everything possible to provide a safe environment for children and young people while they are in our care.

iv. Social Media Policy - Guidelines so that members can enjoy the benefits of social networking whilst understanding the standards of conduct expected by MRFC.