Millwall RFC
Founded in 1995, Isle of Dogs based rugby club


From the Chairman - 2019/20 Season at Millwall Rugby Club

Dear Fellow Millwallians,

It’s my great pleasure to be writing to you all as the new Chairman of Millwall Rugby Club. Not only have I taken on the role at the start of the club’s 25th season, but there is also a Rugby World Cup on the horizon. Both are sure to be memorable events which provide great opportunities to expand the player base.

Club captaincy - After discussion between the three playing chairs, Shekhar Palit and Rachel Castola will be sharing the role of club captain for the coming season. I’m sure they will both do a great job.

Membership - The CMC has agreed some changes to membership charges for the coming season, a feature of which is a roll out of payment by monthly direct debits and the end of the upfront membership charge. We don’t anticipate the total cost of membership across the year will increase for most players, but we do hope that the changes will mean that team managers spend much less time collecting subs on game days. The new system makes it much easier than before to sign-up online: a tablet recently installed in the clubhouse is dedicated to this purpose. You’ll be hearing much more detail about the membership changes from Seb Villiard in the coming days.

Rugby World Cup Launch Event For Youth - On Friday 20 September Scott Vinnicombe is hosting an event on Millwall Park to launch the Rugby World Cup. There are over 500 local school children booked to attend and the club needs volunteers to help out, such as by running a simple training drill for children. The event/setup will take place from 9am and should be finished by 2.30pm. Please get in touch with Scott ( if you can be of assistance. Many employers now offer ‘community days’ or ‘volunteering days’ which can be used for this type of thing.

Youth Training Meeting - A number of players at the AGM expressed interest in getting involved in youth coaching this season. Anyone interested should come along to a meeting Scott Vinnicombe is hosting at the club at 7pm on Thursday 22 August. Please email Scott in advance if you plan on attending.

Friendly matches - Men’s squad to play away during August at Ravens (17th), Barking (23rd) and Kings Cross Steelers (31st). Venus to play away at East London on 31 August.

Clubhouse Bar - Having been closed over the summer to give our group of volunteers a well-deserved rest, the clubhouse bar will be opening on Wednesdays again from 28 August. It will also open on Saturdays and Sundays for home games in September.

We have lots more coming up this season so make sure to follow our social media accounts and to check our website for the most up to date information on Millwall Rugby Club.

Thank you, and good luck to all for the coming season.

Toby Sanders


Millwall RFC