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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear?

Shorts/T-shirt and trainers are fine. You may prefer to wear football boots particularly if the ground is soft. We recommend the plastic stud/blade moulded type of boots or touch rugby boots rather than metal studs (metal studs are not usually allowed in formal competitions/leagues for touch rugby). You may want a dry T-shirt for afterwards.

How much does it cost?

Our sessions on Millwall Park are always completely free of charge. We do encourage everyone to join the club as a member to support the club.

Although to play in our team in a competitive league, then just like our contact rugby sessions at Millwall, you must be a member of the club and pay the appropriate match-day subs to contribute to costs/laundry etc.

If it's raining, do you still play?

Normally yes. ...unless it's really really severe. Assume it is on unless you hear otherwise. We will post a message on our main club Facebook page and our Twitter account if it's cancelled.

What should I bring?

A bottle of water to drink, particularly if it is hot. If it's raining a large plastic bin-bag can be useful to keep your belongings dry.

Do I need a gumshield or other protection?

No, it's not necessary. Touch rugby is non-contact.

Will I get hurt?

Unlikely. And we promise to get grumpy with people who play aggressively.

Am I fit enough?

If you can walk as far as the park, probably yes.

Isn't it a bit competitive?

No. We play for fun and fitness.

Are the rules complicated?

No, but tell us if you've never played before and we'll teach you and allocate a player to coach you on your first session.

I'm addicted and want to play more seriously, please help me...

We have a few teams in the Surrey Quays In2Touch leagues this Spring and Summer. For more info see here.