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About Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is a non-contact version of Rugby. It is a mixed sport, and players of all abilities or levels of fitness can enjoy the game.

There is no kicking or tackling involved and there are no scrums, lineouts, rucks or mauls.

Just like other variants of rugby, players pass the ball through their hands and must pass backwards (never forwards).

Simple Rules

  • Each team has six "touches" or "lives" to make progress forward and score a try.
  • A "life" is lost when the opposition touches a player carrying the ball.
  • When this happens, the player with the ball must place it on the ground, between his/her legs and very gently roll it back. This is known as a "rollball". The whole opposition team must immediately retreat 5 metres otherwise they are offside.
  • A team mate from the attacking side will then swoop in an pick up the ball from behind the player. This player picking up the ball is temporarily known as dummy-half until they pass the ball. Dummy-half cannot score a try; so this means that the dummy-half has to pass the ball to a team mate for the team to score.
  • If a player drops the ball, all remaining lifes are lost and the opposition wins possession. Play restarts with a rollball.
  • A penalty occurs if the ball is passed forwards or a "touch pass" happens. We'll explain all this when you turn up, so don't worry!

If you are new to the game, please tell us when you arrive and we'll teach you/coach you to get you started. It really is very easy.

Useful Links

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